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  • CPR & First Aid Training Instructors
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    Training for Hotels, Corporations and Jamaica service providers.
  • Saving lives one baby at a time.
    Emed saves babies medflight service Jamaica

Air Ambulance Jamaica

When you prepare for an EMERGENCY...
The emergency CEASES to exist.

Air Ambulance Jamaica can save your life.


If you suddenly become ill or get hurt in an accident, you'll want the best air transport possible and you'll want it quickly! Proven to save lives, Air Ambulance Jamaica comes to you and gets you up in the air and on your way to medical help right away. It is the only choice as well as the best choice you have.


Since it isn't possible to fly commercial when you've become seriously ill or injured, you'll need access to specialized transport and the services of qualified medical personnel who can cater to your needs on your way to a facility. The doctor in the admitting hospital determines how serious your injuries are as well as the need for an air ambulance. Traveling by ground simply isn't an option when you need medical attention right away.


Here at Air Ambulance Jamaica, we can accommodate all kinds of special arrangements, ensuring your total comfort and safety during the transfer. Your well-being is our primary concern, and we take it seriously. Our patients receive our full attention and exceptional care while they are with us. We don't believe in cutting corners for you or your loved one. We understand the complexities of medical emergencies that occur while you are on vacation. You're away from home and aren't familiar with what you should do. So, call Air Ambulance Jamaica. We won't leave you stranded in the event of a medical emergency.


When you need access to emergency transportation, call us because saving lives is what we do best. Highly trained and committed to their patients, each member of our team provides the highest possible level of care, starting with your pickup, continuing on your flight, and ending with your transfer to a bed at a medical facility. You can feel secure with Air Ambulance Jamaica at all times.



Air Ambulance

EMed is ready in your time of emergency we can deploy our medical crew, air ambulance...

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Ground Ambulance

EMed has several ambulances around the entire island of Jamaica...

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EMed Hospitals

EMed has partnered with major hospitals close to the Caribbean to better serve our patients...

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Air Ambulance Proven to be Fast, Responsive and Ready to Deploy

Results emerging from a prominent study investigating the effectiveness of air ambulances in transporting severely traumatized people found that victims using an air ambulance company are five times more likely to survive their trauma than individuals with the same injuries but are taken to hospitals by ground transport.

What is particularly significant about this study is the fact that most people transported by air ambulance are suffering serious injuries that demand intensive medical resources. In addition, air ambulances typically transport patients who have experienced injuries in areas remote and disconnected from the nearest medical facility. When comparing these two points with circumstances that generally surround the transportation of injured people by ground transport, researchers discovered these variables outperformed variables affecting the survival rates of people choosing to use vehicles to reach the nearest hospital. Air Ambulance Jamaica is proven to be fast, responsive and ready to deploy once you call. 876-275.1119.


Advantages to Using EMed's Air Ambulance for Emergency Medical Transportation

1. Airplanes used to transport patients are equipped with emergency technicians, nurses and doctors who have years of experience treating all types of traumatic injuries, from broken bones and serious burns to life-threatening illnesses and unexpected childbirth.

2. Air ambulance services can also transport people injured and trapped by natural calamities, such as floods, hurricanes or earthquakes.

3. EMed considers time as their #1 priority. Because the primary goal of our ground ambulance is to reach an injured patient as quickly as possible, these services have special access to necessary air ambulance flights. Once EMed receives word that someone needs medical assistance, the airplane is immediately dispatched with its crew of physicians, nurses and emergency technicians.

4. People who choose air ambulance services are attended to personally and with great care from the time they are placed on the airplane until they reach their bed at a medical facility. In addition, relying on air ambulances for unexpected emergency medical services is much more cost effective than using ground ambulance transportation.

5. If you are injured and require immediate ground ambulance or air transportation to a hospital or emergency clinic, Air Ambulance Jamaica will fly you in a Lear 35 Turbojet, a Chieftain Navajo with a cruise speed of 240 miles per hour or a Pilatus PC-12 Turboprop. All three air ambulances are fully equipped with the latest medical devices meant to treat even the most serious illnesses or injuries.

6. EMed is a professional air ambulance service that takes care of hospital admission requirements to facilitate the transportation of severely injured patients. They ensure that the medical facility to which the patient is being transported knows the patient is arriving and has a bed and room ready for the patient to use. We handle all the paperwork!

7. Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including all major holidays throughout the year.

8. EMed is the only USA trained Jamaican ground ambulance and air ambulance privately held company.


An Indispensable Local Jamaica Ambulance Service Providing Emergency Assistance

Experiencing a sudden, serious illness or traumatic accident that necessitates immediate attention by trained medical professionals is just as possible when living in remote areas as it is living in the cities of Jamaica. Consequently, using a local air ambulance service that provides help in a timely manner could potentially mean all the difference between surviving a life-threatening situation and perishing due to lack of expert, expedited treatment.


Emergency Ambulance Service
Every Emergency is unique This is why you should choose Air Ambulance Jamaica.
  • Air Ambulance Medical Experts

    Medical Experts

    Our team of doctors, nurses and emergency technicians have a minimum of 5-10 years experience
  • Air Ambulance Full Service

    Full Service

    We help our patients from incident to bedside to their final destination bedside. We handle it all!
  • Air Ambulance Jamaica Flight Crew

    Flight Crew

    All our medical crew assisting your emergency have a minimum of 2-5 years experience.
  • Air Ambulance Jamaica Fast and Local

    Fast & Local

    Our ground ambulance and air ambulance services can be deployed at any given notice.
  • Air Ambulance Complete Care

    Complete Care

    From the time we dispatch our ground or air ambulance to seeing you to your final destination we provide complete care from bedside to bedside.
  • Air Ambulance Certified Planes

    Certified Planes

    All our aircraft are FAA and JAA certified air ambulance aircraft. FAA approved Spectrum Aero-Med Stretchers, 110 volt power system, built in o2 outlets, built in suction outlets, ECG monitoring, ventilators, MTP Pumps, Syringe pumps, Full Code Cart, Defibrillator, Suction and Isolette.
  • Air Ambulance Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

    You work direct with the operator and there are no middle man costs which gives you peace of mind.
Emed Air Ambulance Jamaica Montego Bay Mobay and Kingston
Ambulance Answers
What is EMed's Service Area
EMed Air Ambulance services anywhere in the world that has an airport. We can ground ambulance you anywhere in Jamaica. All air ambulance patients recieve ground ambulance to and from the aircraft to your hospital or home. Call 876-275-1119
Where can I get a Ground Ambulance?
EMed Ground Ambulance is a private service available to anyone in Jamaica. If you are in need of air ambulance services a ground ambulance is always provided to and from the aircraft.. 876-275-1119
Is EMed a Private company?
Emed Jamaica Air Ambulance service is private and allows you or your loved one to fly anywhere in the world 24/7 365 days a year. . Call 876-275-1119.
What type of Payment do you accept?
EMed accepts all types of payments! This makes it simple and easy for our customers to focus on getting home. Call 876-275-1119
EMed Air Ambulance News
EMed Partners with TRYALLMarch 25th, 2014
Tryall partnered with EMed to provide all emergency services for resort guests and club members villas. "We are excited to be able to partner with EMed, they offer superior services and are great to work with."
Partnering with Vinci ConstructionMarch 7th, 2014
Vinci Construction partners with EMed to protect their employees with emergency air and ground ambulance services on demand. EMed trains Vinci and WMI employees in First Aid and CPR instruction. Vinci Construction Partners with EMed
EMed Releases Preview Personal Health RecordFebruary 21, 2014
EMed releases PHR - Personal Health Record system for the entire country of Jamaica. EMed developed the PHR to allow patients medical information to be readily available in an emergency. EMED Personal Health Record
Emergency CPR, First Aid, BLS, ALS TrainingFebruary 17, 2014
EMed is proud to serve our community and partners with CPR, FIRST AID (public and partners) and advanced life support for EMTs. We have epxert trainers from the united states that have years of experience in the field.
EMed Develops the First EPE (Electronic Patient Evaluation) SystemJanuary 02, 2014
With boots on the ground and knowing the challenges Jamaican EMTS face EMed developed an app for IOS to allow patient evaluation to be recorded in realtime.
EMed Partners with COK November 24, 2013 /em>
EMed partners with COK offering COK members emergency air and ground ambulance services. EMed COK Sodality Credit Union Partner

EMed Personal Health Record

EMed Life Alert

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EMed Providing Outstanding Ambulance Service
  • Martha Greenwell - EMed Customer

    " I fractured my hip jumping into the ocean hitting the side of a rock. I was scared, felt alone and I was in a foreign country. The people of Jamaica were very helpful and the hotel called EMed. I wasn't sure what kind of service they provided at the time but I'm glad someone called them. Emed responded fast and helped me through the entire process getting back to the United States. They made me feel safe and took care of me. Thank you Nicola and Emed team."

    - Martha Greenwell Patient
  • Dr Neville Graham EMed Jamaica

    " We have worked with many ground and air ambulance companies in the past and found them to lack the local on the ground knowledge to get a patient from bedside to bedside in a safe, fast and efficient way."

    - Neville Graham Winchester Medical
  • Dr Mohomad Basir EMed Jamaica

    " EMED continually reminds our team of the mission.
    We deliver, assist and help in the most safest, fastest most efficient way possible making sure our clients are comfortable throughout the entire process to their destination. "

    - Dr. Bassir Doctor

Our Hospital Partners

  • Tenet Health Care & Hospitals
  • University of Maryland Medical Center
  • John Hopkins Medicine
  • Medical Association of Jamaica - MAJ
  • Co-operative Credit Union Ltd Jamaica - COK
  • Mobay Hope Hospital Jamaica
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