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EMed's Air Ambulance Aircraft

EMed has been saving lives for over 30 years in the Caribbean. Over the years EMed has built a network of air ambulance aircraft partners who can provide extended care if called upon if one of our aircraft are unavailable. EMed complies and Adheres with the Federal Avaition Administration and Jamaica Civil Aviation Authorities.

  • Lear 35

  • Lear 35 Air Ambulance Medical Jet of Choice
  • Range: 2,004 nmi (3,690 km) Wingspan: 39 ft 6 in (12.04 m) Cruise Speed: 420 mph
    Engine Type: Turbojet
  • Chieftain Navajo

  • Chieftain Navjo Air Ambulance Aircraft Jamaica
  • Range: 1,011 nmi (1,875 km) Wingspan: 40 ft 8 in (12.40 m) Cruise Speed: 238 mph
    Engine Type: 2 × piston engine
  • Pilatus PC-12

  • Pilatus Air Ambulance & Charter use Aircraft
  • Range: 1,742 miles (2,804 km) Wingspan: 53' (16 m)
    Cruise Speed: 311 mph
    Engine type: Turboprop

EMed has flown various aircraft over the years and we have found for our paitens comfort and safety that these 3 aircraft have proven to be the safest and most able aircraft to transport.

In an emergency the lear 35 has proven to be one of the fastest delievery aircraft we have available. The Learjet Model 35 has shown to be a great transport aircraft manufactured by Learjet corporation. Lear 35 aircraft are powered by two high powered turbofan engines. Its cabin can be arranged for 6-8 passengers and quickly converted to medical flight ready with a aerosled latch system. The wingtip fuel tanks distinguish the design from other aircraft having similar functions for long or short term flights.

EMed has long been using the Chieftain Navajo for its great safety record and service ceiling of 26,300 feet. When the runway is a bit shorter this bird can soar with only half the size runway as the lear 35. The Chieftain can also serve as a charter flight and can quickly be converted into a medflight or air ambulance within minutes.

Pilatus PC-12 is the luxury aircraft in air ambulance and Jamaica charter flights. The Pilatus was featured in EMed's press release and interview with JCSA president in providing air ambulance benefits to it's memebers. We love our Pilatus for it's long range abilities and a cruise speed of 311 mph with highly reliable turboprop engine.

EMed has partnered with one of the largest hospital networks...

We are pround to work with Tenet Healthcare. They represent some of the most professional, highly trained and highly equipped trauma doctors, nurses, paramedics, emts and patient care in the United States. EMed can quickly get you to their hospitals from Jamaica or anywhere in the Caribbean.