Air Ambulance Service Range

  • Air Ambulance Service Area

  • EMed Jamaica offers many different aircraft depending on the need of the patient and where they need to fly. We love our Chieftain Navajo, Lear 35 jet, Westwind jet and Pilatus PC-12. The aircraft are registered with the FAA and JCAA. All planes are fully inspected, insured and maintained to FAA standards.
  • Air Ambulance Hospitals

  • EMed Jamaica has a range of aircraft to fly you or your loved one to more than 800 different air ambulance receiving hospitals around the world. With our ground ambulance we will take you or your loved one straight to the runway and make sure all arrangements have been finalized to your home hospital or doctor.

EMed Jamaica can fly you to over 135 different countries around the world. We have the capability to see that you or your loved one get the medical attention they need where they need it fast. We pride ourselves on the ability to transport a patient to any destination within medical advisement in hopes of receiving the best medical care our patients can get. We highly recommend Tenet Hospitals in the United States and hope you will allow us to privileged to introduce you to the best doctors in the country.

  • EMed Jamaica's Service Range

  • Air Ambulance Jamaica can fly you to over 135 different countries

Most of all our patients wither choose to fly from Jamaica to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and South America. We would love to partner with you and your hospital to provide services to our patients. If your hospital would like to be considered as a perfected EMed certified care facility please call 876-312-1119.

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Our air ambulance aircraft are ready to fly at any given moment. If you need immediate air ambulance evacuation in Jamaica to any hospital call us now.