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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the air ambulance (Medflight) arrive?
At the moment the doctor determines your need for an emergency air ambulance evacuation (medflight) our dispatchers begin the process of moving the aircraft to the closest and safest location to air evac you to the desitination in which you recieve the proper care you need.
How do we pay for EMed's Services
Emed takes all different types of payments and payment is required up front to perform the air ambulance services you requested. We take Visa, Mastercard, Check, wire-transfers and more
What type of medical team do you have?
EMed has 6 nurses, 6 EMTs, 4 pilots and a support staff with doctors and medical advisors.
Will you transport my family members?
In most cases family members can ride with the patient depending on the aircraft needed for the air ambulance flight. Commercial tickets can be provided to transport you and your family back to your home at a discounted rate due to medical emergency.
What type of accommodations do you provide?
We provide complete bedside-to-bedside service including medical evaluation, air ambulance dispatch, scheduling,, ground transportation and coordination between sending facility and receiving facility. Coordination can also be made with one of our world wide accredited ground ambulance associates for critical patients requiring advanced life support care and monitoring during their medical transport from and to the hospital.
How does my company get air ambulance benefits for employees?
EMed offers companies an extra level of protection and benefit with our EMed Life Line Group Membership program. Created to help you keep high quality employees and let your emplooyees know they are covered in the event of an emergency requiring air ambulance services. Call 876-312-1119 for more information and to setup a time to meet. .