Air Ambulance Crew & Equipment

Emed's Emergency Air Ambulance Crew & Equipment

When EMed Jamaica dispatches one of our air ambulances, it's equiped with top of the line medical equipment that custom tailored to respond to your emergency needs. We pride ourselves on our fast response time from time of call to time of arrival to your home hospital trust EMed Jamaica to get you there.

EMed's Emergency air ambulance equipment is not limited to the following.

  •     FAA approved Spectrum Aero-Med stretchers
  •     120 volt power system
  •     Built-in Oxygen electrical outlets
  •     Built-in suction electrical outlets
  •     ECG/EKG monitoring equipment
  •     Ventilators for either adult or child
  •     MTP pumps (Standard)
  •     Syringe pumps (Standard)
  •     Full Code Cart (Standard)
  •     AED/Defibrillator
  •     Suction (Portable)
  •     Isolette (FAA approved Incubator)
  •     Respirator
  •     Pulse Oximeters
  •     Intubation Equipment
  •     IV Pumps
  •     Lifepak
  •     IV Poles
  •     Intravenous Solutions
  •     Medications
  •     Nurse
  •     Paramedic
  •     Doctor
  • Case Manager
EMERGENCY: 876-275-1119 or 876-312-1119
  • Paramedics

  • EMed hires highly trainined, seasoned certified paramedics that are trained in the United States of Amercia.
  • Nurses

  • All EMed's nurses are held to the highest standards & qualifications for international transportation by air ambulance.
  • Doctor

  • EMed has a team of doctors who are certified, licensed medical doctors who specilize in air ambulance proceedures.

From the time your emergency call is taken to the time it takes to dispatch our air ambulance our medical crew begins the process of reviewing your unique medical emergency. Our medical flight crew begins with making sure all information from your medical emergency is recieved and documented to the best of the abilities of the refering hospital or doctor. Our medical flight director proceeds to make sure your or your loved one is stable enough to fly and proceeds to make arrangements with the recieving hospital.

Emed's team of nurses are dispatched with each ambulance we send so you are getting the very best in medical care. We have made sure that each emed team member who works with you is highly educated and certified through our unique screening process as done in the united states of america.

If you have a medical emergency while visiting one of Jamaica's beautiful resorts we recommend calling EMED directly to make sure your case is handled in a ethical manner in which you are accustomed to. Our medical case managers will keep track of your progress from the time you called to the time you arrive to the recieving hospital. Emed hires only highly qualify seasoned emts and nurses. Our staff of doctors range from medical clinics on the island to hospitals such as Cornwall Regional hospital, Andrews Hospital and Mobay Hope Clinic of Montego Bay.

Emed's Personal Health Record

Emed has the technology with the patients permission to record the patients medical information into our secure personal health record system. This information allows emed and emergency works in Jamaica who subscribe to access your health record with your permission.