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EMed Group Membership Jamaica

EMed's Group Membership Introduction

Emed Group Membership is called EMed Life Line, an Emedical Global Jamaica Ltd brand, that has pioneered an innovative new program in Jamaica. EMed's program provides for affordable access to emergency air ambulance, ground ambulance and discounted international health care services.

Average Jamaicans will now be able to have access to emergency ground and air ambulance services when in need of emergency medflight to discounted international healthcare centers in a fully equipped ground and air ambulance.

EMed Group Membership JamaicaBenefits of EMed's Group Membership

A (outside of a large group like a business or corportation) Personal memebrship is only $3000 JM per month or $32.50 USD, this flexible membership program will provide emergency evacuation services in times of critical need on an aircraft equipped with the appropriate medical equipment and staffed with qualified medical personnel.


EMed's Group membership program is for jamaica developed as a membership group benefit program. Eligible members will receive access to emergency ground ambulance and air evacuation services, personal care advisors, and affordable discounted high quality international healthcare facilities like Tenet Healthcare.


The group membership is designed to enhance the quality of life for the average Jamaican citizen through affordable access to high-quality air ambulance services. It includes access to ground ambulance and air ambulance services from our base of operations in Jamaica which is supplemented by our international fleet when necessary.


List of Current Benefits

EMed Group Membership Jamaica

We are always adding new and improved benefits

  • EMED LIFE LINE mobile application
  • EMED LIFE LINE Medical Website
  • EMED LIFE ALERT Personal Health Record
  • EMED Emergency air ambulance
  • EMED Mobile Personal health records
  • Locally qualified physicians to render assistance in approval
  • Pre-approved hospital admissions
  • Personal medical advisor services 24/7 365 days a year
  • Discounted medical services where available

EMed Group Membership JamaicaWhy EMed Group Membership

High quality medical facilities

The program’s access to participating hospital/health centers that: Accept patients brought into their country by the emergency air ambulance service Offer their services at discounts ranging from at least 25% below and as much as 90% less than the standard US rates.

How do members qualify?

Persons are eligible by being a member of any EMED employer group, who has: a) paid the required monthly fee for a period of no less than 6 months; and is b) up to date with such payments at the time of their service request.

What is covered under EMED LIFE LINE?

Emergency Ground ambulance and if needed air ambulance evacuation, patient support services that are necessary to facilitate access for eligible members to participating hospitals in times of life threatening emergencies when necessary medical services are not available locally.
Elective surguries and proceedures are also included at discounted hosptial rates.

What about medical treatments overseas?

EMED’s Patient advisors will work with members to provide the best options available based on local doctor recommendations, the actual medical case, and the economic ability and or insurance coverage of the patient. From start to finish our personal care advisors will support the member through all stages of transportation treatment and recovery. Our continuity of care program will ensure that the local physician and the overseas surgeons collaborate to achieve the best outcomes in highest member satisfaction.

What happens in an emergency?

Upon signing up members are given access to a local emergency phone line.
The local emergency line will provide access to personal care advisors who will consult with our medical director. The medical director will in turn collaborate with the members attending physician to determine the eligibility and the most appropriate course of care.

When clearance is given, the personal care advisor and operations manager will facilitate the members access to those services.
The operations manager will facilitate the travel plans (with or without air ambulance)including emergency visa authorization, as well as the hospital admission arrangements assuming authorization protocols have been met

EMED’s personal-care advisor will manage the case from inception and will facilitate continuity of care until the patient returns home.
EMED’s LIFE LINE program is a group membership program that provides you with the appropriately equipped medical airplanes to transport members to the appropriate healthcare facility.

This program is not insurance so it is not limited by complex language, restrictions, and conditions included in standard insurance policies.
EMED’s staff is available to facilitate member access to services our program features around the clock 365 days year which means members don’t have to wait for an office to open to get access to emergency services.
The program works from our Jamaican base and is augmented by a regional fleet of aircraft. Therefore, in a moments notice support can be dispatched to transfer the member to the hospital.
EMED’s Patient advisors will coordinate the case from start to finish with all the appropriate resources for the medical emergency or treatment.


EMED Is committed to making a difference in saving lives in the Caribbean and Jamaica.




This is Not an insurance plan...It is a member base program.


EMed Group Membership JamaicaPresentation

We are so glad that you have made the step forward to think about a benifical program that will enhance your employees with an emergency medical service program.


EMed Jamaica would love to sit down with your leadership team and present our Group Membership program. We are available by appointment so please call our office and ask for a presentation today! 876-312-1119

EMed Group Membership JamaicaJoin EMeds Group Membership Today!

We are so glad you decided to join EMed!

The best way for you to join out side of a company group membership is to call us at 876-809-1119. If you are a business, corporation, hotel or resort and would like to Join the EMed Group Membership program we invite you to schedule a presentation first!


If you have already had a presentation then we can't blame you for wanting the wonderful benefits EMed's Group Membership gives to you and your employees.