EMed Jamaica the Air Ambulance of Jamaica

Providing Emergency Medical Services for over 30 years.
When You Prepare for an Emergency... The Emergency Ceases to Exist.

EMed Jamaica has been working in the Caribbean region for over 30 years. We have evolved over the years to owning our own ground and air ambulances. We are excited to provide high quality medical services in Jamaica and the surrounding region. EMed has developed the emergency access protocol in Jamaica to facilitate fast, responsive deployment of emergency medical services. We would love to service your company or personal needs as we are a private company operating in Montego Bay and Kingston Jamaica. We can service anywhere in Jamaica at any given point of time with our fleet of ground ambulances and air ambulances ready and waiting for they unexpected emergency If you need emergency services that are life threating please call: 876.275.1119.


Visiting Jamaica? EMed Jamaica's services are always Ready, Responsive and Fast which will give you peace of mind and a comfort level of home.

The Trusted Emergency Ambulance Company.
  • Jamaica Ambulance

  • Montego Bay, Mobay and Kingston

  • EMed is ready to deploy anywhere at any time in Jamaica. We cover mobay, montego bay, kingston, ocho rios, negril and most all of the major cities and ports.
  • Jamaica Medical

  • Doctors, nurses and EMTs

  • Our jamaican doctors, nurses and emts are ready and available for an emergency call. We can deploy our medical staff at any given moment at any given notice.
  • Local Company

  • Air Ambulance and Ground Ambulance

  • EMed is a ground ambulance and air ambulance company that is local in Montego Bay, Mobay Hope, Kingston, Negril and we are available for your emergency call: 876-275-1119

EMedical Global Jamaica Ltd.

In short we are an "Air Ambulance service in Jamaica, available to all in the Caribbean region". EMedical Global Jamaica has been providing emergency air ambulance services for patients in Jamaca and the Caribbean for over 20+ years. Emedical Global Jamaica was founded to provide the highest level of emergency medical ground and air ambulance services. When an emergency happens you must be prepared and having Emeds phone number saved on your mobile phone is a great start! We have over the years developmed technology to assist jamaican doctors in getting the right information, at the right time and to the right person. There is clearly a difference with EMed Jamaica that seprates us from other less services in Jamaica. All of our staff are fully trainied in the basics of first aid and life support. Our emergency medical technicians are examined by united states instructors who test their knowledge and skill sets so you get the very best medical services with EMed. EMed has partnered with Dr. Robert Khan the co-inventor of the internet to provide the most state-of-the-art medical record systems that Jamaica could ever aquire. We offer electronic medical records software that runs on the cloud using military encyrption for doctors and patients ease of mind about the security of their medical record. We know you will trust EMedical Global Jamaica LTD for the very best in emergency medical services in Jamaica.


EMed can handle any emergency that may occur while you work, play or vacation here in Jamaica.

Find yourself in an emergency? Call EMed now: 876.275.1119 / 876.312.1119. We service anywhere you can access in Jamaica.

Personal Health Record Proves Value to The Tryall Club in Jamaica.

Using powerful technology EMed has developed a personal health record system to allow patients to take a snap shot of their health in case of an emergency.