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Need an Elective Surgery?

EMed has partnered with several different local and international doctors, hospitals and medical facilites to provide our clients with discounted pricing on various elective surgeries. The most common elective surgeries are as follows: Plastic Surgery, Refractive Surgery, Gynecological Surgery, Exploratory or diagnostic Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Musculoskeletal Surgery and Elective Laparoscopic Surgery.


No medical surgery/procedure is risk-free, but you can take steps to control surgical risks with EMed Jamaica.


  • 1. We make sure the hospital or ambulatory surgical center you’re considering is accredited. This shows a commitment to meeting high patient safety standards. Surgical centers are accredited and evaluated by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) and the Joint Commission.
  • 2. We inspect that your surgeon is board certified.
  • 3. We will send you information specific to your elective surgery in a complete informative document with instructions of do and dont's before and after your procedure.
  • 4. Most importantly we will transport to and from your proceedure via ground or air ambulance at a fair cost depending on where you elect to have your surgery or proceedure done.
Elective Surgery JamaicaElective Surgery Jamaica
  • Typical Elective Surgeries

  • 1. Plastic surgery. This is cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, such as breast augmentation or reconstruction.
  • 2. Refractive surgery. This is laser surgery to correct vision problems.
  • 3. Gynecological surgery. This is for a hysterectomy or for tubal ligation, a procedure to prevent pregnancy.
  • 4. Exploratory or diagnostic surgery. These are procedures to determine the extent of a medical problem, such as cancer, or to remove tissue samples for a biopsy.
  • 5. Cardiovascular surgery. This includes angioplasty or putting in a pacemaker.
  • 6. Musculoskeletal surgery. This includes hip or knee replacement.
  • 7. Elective laparoscopic surgery. This includes most hernia repairs and gallbladder removal procedures, which are done electively.
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  • STEP 1

  • The very first thing you wnat to do is contact EMed and ask about our different elective surgery partners and allow us to help you find the best hospital or doctor to perform your elective surgery..
  • STEP 2

  • EMed will search for the very best medical doctor and facility to meet your budget needs and will then submit this for your approval and wait for your response.
  • STEP 3

  • Once you have choosen your medical facility and doctor Emed will then arrange for all transportation to and from the hospital of your choice in Jamiaca and internationally.

What is an elective surgery/proceedure

Elective surgery is a type of proceedure that may or may not be medically necessary but can be scheduled in advance because it is not a life threating need. It is important to realize that elective surgery is not the same as an optional surgery, just because a elective procedure is not time dependent when it is scheduled it does not mean that it can be put off indefinitely. When you mention elective proceedures or surgeries people think of plastic surgery but organ donations, mastectomies, and tonsillectomies can all be elective surgeries. These elective medical procdures are sometimes quite serious and can be risky, and because the patient has time to anticipate the surgery can be the subject of significant anxiety.


Emed has partnered with major US hospitals and Jamaican surgical clinics to provide our customers a wide range of choices. However we highly recommend TENET health Hospitals for they have proven to be one of the very best in elective outpatient surgeries.


Most surgeries that are performed are in fact elective surgeries involving some planning, consulting, medical escort service and scheduling the surgery. according to the NYC medical center for health "When a surgery can be scheduled in advance but absolutely must be done to preserve the patient's life, the procedure is considered semi-elective." Now, These types of procedures are contrasted to urgent and emergency surgeries, which must be done as soon as possible. An elective surgery is performed on many different body parts and to fix many different issues, but all these surgeries have a one thing in common "A lack of urgency". Call us today to get your medical proceedure quote and flight arrangements 876-312-1119.

EMed provides outstanding service for elective surgery and proceedures.

With multiple partnerships in various internationaly settings, EMED proves invaulable in helping patients recieve the very best in elective proceedures.