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Emed certified cpr and first aid training for jamaicaIs your workplace EMED CPR / FIRST AID certified in Jamaica?

Why CPR? (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)
A failure to act in a cardiac emergency can lead to unnecessary deaths. Effective bystander CPR provided immediately after sudden cardiac arrest can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival, but only 32 percent of cardiac arrest victims get CPR from a bystander. Sadly, less than eight percent of people who suffer cardiac arrest outside the hospital survive. EMed trains businesses and their employees in CPR annually, to equip Jamaicans with the emergency skills they need to perform CPR.


Why first aid?

First aid is emergency care provided for injury or sudden illness before emergency medical treatment is available. The first-aid providers in the workplace are people who are trained in the delivery of initial medical emergency procedures, using a limited amount of equipment to perform a primary assessment and intervention while awaiting arrival of emergency medical service (EMS) personnel such as EMed Ground Ambulance crew.


The cost of not knowing!

Occupational illnesses, injuries and fatalities in 2004 cost the economy $14.2 billion, according to National Safety Council estimates. The average cost per occupational fatality in 2004 exceeded one million dollars. To cover the costs to employers from workplace injuries, it has been calculated that each and every employee in this country would have had to generate $1,010 in revenue in 2004.


When you prepare for an EMERGENCY... the EMERGENCY ceases to exist!

Employers should make an effort to obtain estimates of EMS response times for all permanent and temporary locations and for all times of the day and night at which they have workers on duty, and they should use that information when planning their first-aid program. When developing a workplace first-aid program, consultation with EMED medical professionals may be helpful for response time information and other program issues. Because it can be a workplace event, employers should have a written emergency procedure checklist. It is advisable to put the First-Aid Program policies and procedures in writing. Policies and procedures should be communicated to all employees, including those workers who may not read or speak English. Language barriers should be addressed both in instructing employees on first-aid policies and procedures and when designating individuals who will receive first-aid training and become the on-site first-aid providers. Besides it's just plain smart, valuable and inexpensive to have your resort, hotel or workplace EMED certified. Place our EMED CERTIFIED sticker on your entrance door to let guests, employees and visitors know your business is a safe place.



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  • CPR

  • EMed's highly trained experienced instructors will hold a 4 hour course with a written final exam to test and retest what your employee should know after completing the training.

  • EMed's instructors will cover all the bases with Basic Life Saving Fist Aid techniques that have been tried and tested in the workplace and major emergency events over the last 20 years.

  • EMed's certified workplace safety team will assist your business, hotel, resort, work-site for possible hazards that could potentially cause your employees or guests hurt or damage.

Importance of being CPR / FIRST AID trained and certified in Jamaica

As we all know, accidents and crisis don’t come with an appointment. Life is full of surprises and some of them aren’t too good – people may fall, cut their hands in the kitchen, burn themselves on the stove and not to mention, the human race has been fighting natural disasters, wars and terrorism since time immemorial.
While we really don’t have much control over these unforeseen events, we can have a certain degree of control in how it is going to impact the sufferer. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and First Aid Training don’t just benefit your immediate acquaintances but anyone who is in need of help.

Have you ever wondered what you might do in an emergency situation? How does your basic medical knowledge stack up?
In this context, it is important to note that the human brain cannot function if it has been cut off from oxygen supply for more than 6 minutes. So, time being crucial, every one of us need to know what needs to be done in case of a trauma, severe injury and similar events. CPR and First Aid are life saving skills and getting trained is not just advisable but highly compulsory.

First aid training gets even more crucial when we are talking about the hospitality sector.
The idea of a hotel is to host the guest in the most comfortable environment and in case of an emergency; everyone must be prepared for the next step of actions. CPR / First Aid training for the hotel staffs not just allows the institution to meet its safety standards, but actually contributes towards the experience of the guests. CPR Training in Jamaica is important for all hospitality establishments including hotels, restaurants, resorts, tourist vendors and across the entire enterprise level. Having a highly trained staff that is capable of handling any medical emergency in the most efficient manner could mean saving lives. However, it also means that your staff is respected, because they are trained to handle everything from a child's skinned knee to a severe trauma.

Operating a business in Jamaica just exemplifies the acute need of being trained in all facets of hospitality.

Jason Pawloski Vice President of product development said, "People come to Jamaica to have a good time and experience an environment that is perfect in all aspects. It might seem a bit daunting to have all your staff trained in CPR / First Aid while all have important per-assigned tasks. However, an EMED Certified training doesn’t take much of an effort." EMed's certification will ensure that every member of your staff is aware of the necessary practices in case there is an emergency and a guest requires medical attention. The EMed certification is for all organizations and companies throughout Jamaica and entire Caribbean region.

EMed Jamaica comes with more than a decade of experience in providing world class CPR / First Aid training across the Caribbean.

"This is a company that has been training staff members across organizations in different industries for some time in hopes of making the Jamaican work place safer..." stated Duane Boise CEO of EMedical Global Jamaica Ltd. "While medical emergencies are common to all workplaces, EMed can actually speed up the process of disaster management and limiting the repercussions of an eventuality."


Hands on Training is Key.
Through an EMed certification, executives, regardless of their core expertise can get hands on experience in life saving first aid and CPR from US trained, EMT, Paramedics, nurses and other medical service professionals. EMed Jamaica has top of the line instructors who are active or have been active in real life emergency services and are current on their Red Cross Certifications. Expect the best! Expect EMed Jamaica to train your staff!


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Years of experience of providing world class CPR/First Aid Training

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